Joshua Capy

Myth: Doing good and making money mix like oil and water.

I transform companies into profit engines for good. Highly passionate about evolving social businesses models, I build thriving, high-impact businesses through the alignment of purpose and value.

Savvy companies today advance from focusing merely on transactions to creating relationships and alignments beneficial to customers, partners and employees. Not only does this drive up revenue, but also empowers companies to make significant contributions to society and the planet.

I have devoted the bulk of my 25-year IT career designing and developing mission-critical software, many utilizing social networks built from the ground up. The purpose-driven manner in which I lead my development teams with is grounded in a solid technical background.

With my incredible team at eCohere, I offer a range of services to help grow businesses focused on the triple bottom line of people, profit and the planet. Our sweet spots are business ideation and development, communities of practice, mobile design and enterprise networks. Here’s a sample of our offerings:

- Business Ideation and Development
- Social Design
- Communities of Practice and Interest
- Customer Support Networks
- Philanthropic Networks
- Employee Networks
- Marketing Websites
- Enterprise Solutions
- Startup Development
- Content Creation
- Mentoring

When I'm not working to build more perfect business solutions, you may find me working to support local agricultural movements, particularly as a member of the board.